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Our Story

Our story starts in the unique city of Jalapão, North East of Brazil; a micro region full of orange sand dunes and flowing clear rivers. Amidst this beauty, hiding a magnificent field of the extraordinary Golden Plant.


During the 1930's Indigenous people taught the local inhabitants the art of  handicraft making from the Golden Plant. 


The unique Golden Plant acquired its name not only because of its beautiful naturally golden color but also due to qualities shared with gold metal. The Golden Plant doesn't oxidize and therefore doesn't fade or tarnish. It is also very durable, flexible and hypoallergenic. 

Art'e D Terra is a family ran business who combines the traditional handicraft art with modern designs and prime materials to create stunning ecological accesories.

Our line keeps it's sustainable mission as we work together with local artisans who hold a harvesting license for the plant and specialise in its traditional weaving techniques.
We combine the woven creations with fantastic materials from the Earth such as Amazonian Palm tree (Buriti), Eucalyptus wood, semiprecious stones, Druse crystals & Açaí seeds; highlighting the beauty of the Golden Plant in each piece.
For the final touches we bath our chains and closures with 24k gold on brass, resulting in luxurious, hypoallergenic pieces. 

  All our jewelry & accessories are Handmade with a lot of love and devotion from the Golden Plant.

  The Environmental Agency established a regional law allowing harvesting only two months a year to a selected amount of artists.

The golden plant is cultivated by a local community of women; the art made from the plant is their sole income.

 Our jewelry have all been tested and approved by the highest level of quality legislation requirements.


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