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Shaya Necklace
Shaya Necklace

Shaya Necklace

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A stunning necklace, handmade from vegetative gold and 24k gold plates mandalas. 

Chain is made from Buriti - a special type of Brazilian Palm tree that is exclusive to the Amazon region. The Buriti is strong, durable and hypoallergenic.

handmade from Brazil's unique golden plant - Vegetative Gold; a rare plant that naturally looks like gold without any painting, plating or other coloring! The plant doesn't get affected by acidity and therefore doesn't fade and is very durable. It is also hypoallergenic!


  • 24k gold plated brass, golden plant, zircon.
  • Nickel free, hypoallergenic.
  • Ecological materials.
  • Sustainable art.  
  • Free delivery.
  • Made in brazil.
  • 1 year guarantee.